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Cold Wind Calling – The Best Thing feat Jaclyn Heuser

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This album is dedicated to my friends

Guest vocals and co-composition by Jaclyn Heuser
Jaclyn Heuser – acoustic guitar
Alex Zarek – electric guitar, bass, piano, orchestral arrangement, percussion arrangement

Available Lyrics

The Best Thing

I dream of a place where no one sees me for who I really am.
I think it’s better that way: no more hiding away anything.
Don’t tell me, tell me I don’t wanna take back the time that we’ve spent.
Those were the best days that I’ve ever had.
You were the best thing that I’ve ever had.I would never take back the time that we’ve spent
never trade it for anything
cause it was the best thing that I ever had even when things got bad
And I swear I’ll run away someday
And I’ll bring you with me
We’ll find a place to stay
where no one knows our names
And we’ll never come back.We’ll build a new life away from all the judgment
All the rain clouds that hovered over our heads,
the things that kept us awake in our beds
when the world told us we weren’t good enough
and we’ll live completely, in a way that we never did before
Because there’s no one holding us back anymore.

It’s moments like these that you capture and carry with you for the rest of your life.
Where you come to find that it was all worth waiting for.
And you look back on your past and play it through your mind like a film.
The story of two young hearts radiating an energy that nothing could extinguish.
No storm or amount of time could ever put out that flame,
It burned on through everything, when the storms came and went,
And glimmered through the thickest haze to reach through and pull us back.

I always swore I’d be the one to reassemble what I pulled apart in the first place.
But it’s been so long that I can hardly remember your face.
I always swore I’d be the one to reassemble what I pulled apart in the first place.
Now I’m searching for another little something to change and fill the space.


credits from Circadian, released June 16, 2015